About us

Devon Kramer, a survivor of a near-death experience, generously

shares his profound knowledge and wisdom with the world.

Through his transformative encounter, he gained deep insights

into life, death, numbers, mathematics, spirituality, and an array

of fascinating subjects. At 9vibes, Devon conducts enlightening

classes on healing, meditation, self-discovery, and more. With

unwavering belief in the transformative power of unconditional

love, compassion and kindness. Using his expertise, he supports

and guides others in increasing their vibrational frequency.

Devon is driven by a profound purpose: to share wisdom and

knowledge with the world.

Nibin Philip, a Cybersecurity expert by profession, explores

spirituality and personal growth as a debut author. With his

expertise in cybersecurity and passion for music, psychology, and

spirituality, he aims to guide readers on a transformative journey

of self-discovery. Nibin believes in reconnecting individuals

with a greater mission and awakening their potential. This book

invites readers to tap into unseen forces, recognize their purpose,

and embrace their integral role in something larger.


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